New Web and Print Portfolio

After years of self-editing my web and print portfolios, I turned to Wonderful Machine for help. Wonderful Machine wears many hats, and one of them is marketing support for photographers. I recently worked with a Wonderful Machine photo editor on a web and print edit. I wanted to get fresh eyes on my work and have one clear voice giving me a direction to go in. I felt that I had too much input from outside sources, plus most of the time they were conflicting ideas and advice. I knew I had great images to put forth, but I also knew that they weren’t being presented well. I needed cohesive web galleries and a solid print portfolio. I gave my photo editor over 600 images and she delivered 3 web galleries and a print portfolio. The edit was great and the images flowed really well. At my initial review of the edit, I was surprised at the images she picked, and how she laid out the galleries and book. I realized that I was more attached to certain hero images than I was aware of. Just another reason I needed the edit. It clearly was a great help to me and to my growth in this industry. If you are thinking about an edit and are on the fence, I highly recommend having a photo editor look at your body of work and learn how they see your photography, where you are excelling and where you need to grow.