personal project

The 30 Project

For the last year I have been shooting a personal project called The 30 Project. This project examines a period of time that often feels like a milestone and can lead to change in ones life. It explores a tiny piece of what it means to age, how time feels to each individual, and the psychological reaction to turning 30 years old. It seeks to answer the question, “Was 30 significant, or just another year?”

I am currently in the final stages of photographing my 30 subjects, and learning about their experience turning 30 years old. Their responses to a number of questions will be paired with their final photograph, however, I am going to hold onto those thoughts until the project has been completed. For now, please enjoy their beautiful faces here.

I am very excited to be sharing these photographs with you. I have less than 10 portraits to go! More updates to come.