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Compass Agent Branding Shoot

Compass real estate brokerage started in New York City in 2013 and now has 28 offices across 9 regions. I have been working with the DC marketing team for over a year now. Each project is a collaborative effort, which I enjoy. Earlier this month, I shot 31 portraits of Compass DC real estate agents over 2 days. We did a lot of pre-production legwork so that the shoot days ran smoothly and all the moving pieces came together. We discussed lighting, posing, wardrobe, set design and how all that will work into the ads they were designing. Having a clear picture of the end product walking into a shoot day takes away any ambiguity and allows me to deliver what the client is looking for. These images ran in the Wall Street Journal and Washingtonian Magazine. Below are a handful of images from the shoot, plus a behind the scenes video that Compass produced. Enjoy!